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When & Where: 7pm - 23rd November 2018 at New Life Presbyterian Church.

Subject: Concerning His Coming

Speaker: Mr David McMillan

Our Manifesto

About Us

The objects of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony are:

  • To teach the nearing approach of our Lord's return. James 5:8
  • To hold forth the Truth and to expose and resist error. Jude 3
  • To note passing events in the light of 'the Scripture of Truth'. 2 Peter 1:19
  • To unfold the Word of God by comparing Scripture with Scripture. Acts 17:11
  • To encourage missionary endeavour, and all service for Truth. Acts 1:8
  • To comfort and strengthen those who seek to stand with the Lord, apart from abounding lawlessness. 2 Timothy 2:19
  • To call for separation from ecumenism. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

Our Manifesto

The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony adhere's to it's manifesto pdf (first published in 1919).

Council and Representatives

SGAT Council members: Peter Fleming, Martin Humphrey, David McMillan, Richard Monteith, Andrew Toms, Paul Toms and Stephen A. Toms.

Australian Representative: Mr David Doberer

New Zealand Representative: Miss E.R. Wilson

Canadian Representative: Mr Andrew Foster